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Welcome!  Here you’ll find inspiring blog posts, toolkits, and other resources. Browse our inspiring It Gets Better videos and spotlights shared with us, along with our original content series! We hope the diversity of our community inspires and empowers you. You are not alone!


Pictured is a graphic reading the only guide you need for a successful pride.

The Only Guide You’ll Need For Pride

Welcome To Your Guide For A Successful Pride! Discover Your Path to a Successful Pride Celebration! Whether you’re attending your first Pride, navigating Pride with a disability, or celebrating while still in the closet, we’ve got you covered with expert tips and advice. Embrace your identity, celebrate queerness, and join

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Empowerment, through, education!

The Power of Resiliency: Anti-2SLGBTQ+ Bullying

The Power of Resiliency: Anti-2SLGBTQ+ Bullying This free online workshop aims to provide knowledge and tools to help you navigate and cope with anti-2SLGBTQ+ bullying. Starting with an engaging storytelling piece, we cover the topics of cyberbullying, identity-based bullying, and microaggressions, highlighting the impact of technology and the intersection of

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Your Queer Guide To The Holidays

Queering your holidays! About – Supportive tips on navigating family and holiday gatherings as a 2SLGBTQ+ youth. The holiday season is right around the corner and while this time can bring up all kinds of feelings, It Gets Better Canada wants to outline some tools and tips to help you

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Back To School Shopping Guide

It’s Back-To-School Season! We get that it can be an overwhelming time, so why not start the year with items that excite you and hopefully inspire others? If you aren’t sure where to start here is a quick list of some back-to-school essentials: queer edition! We hope this shopping list helps

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Back to School Tips for School Staff

Back to School Tips For School Staff Introduction Schools are some of the first places 2SLGBTQ+ youth start publicly expressing themselves. The allyship and safe spaces teachers, principals, and school administrators provide can be life-saving. In this guide explore some tips to help you transform your school to be more

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Back To School Tips for Allied Adults

Back to School Tips For Parents, Guardians, and Caring Adults Introduction Being an allied adult can sometimes mean you are unsure of where and how you can be supportive. In this guide, we dive into ways you can empower, support, and create a safe space for the queer youth in

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Back To School Tips For Youth

Back To School Tips For Youth Introduction Heading back to school can feel overwhelming, however, we wanted to remind you to put yourself first and ensure you start the year off on the right foot by celebrating your authentic self!  Check-in with yourself and prioritize your wellbeing Back to school

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Your Queer Back to School Guide

Welcome To Your Queer Back to School Guide Feeling overwhelmed by back-to-school season? Now more than ever, queer youth are struggling to navigate safe and welcoming spaces in school, but we have your back! In this guide, you will get access to a wide array of content for youth, allied

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