Queering your holidays!

About – Supportive tips on navigating family and holiday gatherings as a 2SLGBTQ+ youth.

The holiday season is right around the corner and while this time can bring up all kinds of feelings, It Gets Better Canada wants to outline some tools and tips to help you “sleigh” the holidays( don’t worry we won’t make any more puns). In this guide let’s dive into how you can support and affirm yourself and your loved ones this holiday season. 

5 ways to prioritize and empower yourself during the holidays!

Know what your boundaries are, and practice how to establish them

Take some time by yourself and think about your boundaries. Think about what questions you are willing to answer, what topics you wish to avoid, or what comments you can’t overlook. 

Don’t feel pressured to spend the holidays with people you do not want to

The holidays can make us feel pressured to attend events we don’t want to go to out of obligation or respect. However, going somewhere where you are invalidated or feel miserable just to show up is not worth the negative impact on your self-esteem or mental health. You deserve to be respected in your gender identity, sexual orientation, or gender expression and it is okay to avoid situations that may be triggering. You have the power to take control of your situation and put yourself first.

Know that chosen family is family

Your chosen family is valid! don’t feel hesitant to lean on them when you need to. Having access to people who affirm you, respect you, and make you feel loved is so important. Being around family during this time of the year can bring up a mirage of emotions but having a support system around you can be so healing.

Know your limits and take breaks

Set aside some time before visiting family or going to events and decide what your limits are. This can look like setting a time limit of how long you want to be there or creating a predetermined reason to leave if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Rather than overwhelm yourself, consider limiting the events or gatherings you choose to attend. You can even create a routine to decompress after events and gatherings to recenter and validate yourself.

Seek out support and resources

Asking for help can feel daunting, but this time of year it is necessary to seek help when needed. Reach out to a friend or family member you trust, find resources online, or even contact a 2SLGBTQ+ organization for support. You can check out our COVID-19 Mental Health Hub which has toolkits, videos, and other resources tackling issues like Gender Invalidation, Gender-Based Violence, and Self Care. you choose to attend. You can even create a routine to decompress after events and gatherings to recenter and validate yourself.

Your queer gift guide!

Whether you need a gift for your queer bestie or you’re not sure what to get your non-binary grandchild, we put together a list of some queer-centered and gender-neutral gifts to spark some ideas. We hope this gift guide helps you get started and know that it’s the thought that counts!

Pronouns pin

This is a perfect stocking stuffer or little gift for anyone and it’s easy to find online or any niche interest store. A gift like this can also be really affirming to someone who recently started using different pronouns.

Monogrammed gift

It’s easier than ever to find customized gifts like custom towels, journals, cups, and even socks. If you can think of it, there’s probably someone out there who can make it. This is an especially thoughtful and affirming gift for those who have started using their preferred names

Merch from their favourite artist

You can never go wrong with surprising someone with merch from an artist they admire. Not only is it a gift that makes them feel good but it can also make you feel good knowing you’re supporting artists maybe even a queer artist.

2SLGBTQ+ books

Not only are you supporting queer authors but you are providing representation and stories that deserve to be heard. If the person you are shopping for isn’t much of a reader, you can get them a 2SLGBTQ+ centred book for their coffee table.

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