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Trans Day of Resistance

Trans Day of Resistance To be trans on the Trans Day of Resistance is to start over. It’s to pick up the pieces left by our ancestors and search for new horizons to explore identity and survive together as a collective. To be trans and resist colonialism’s gender binary and

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Queerness on the Prairies

QUEERNESS ON THE PRAIRIES Oki and kamusta everyone! My name is Kelsey, but you can call me Kels. I’m a queer Pilipina-Canadian and I’ve spent my whole life on the prairies here in Alberta, Canada. I run a video podcast called Queer in Alberta where I interview 2SLGBTQIA+ Albertans from

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The Fashioning of Gender Expression: Mia Yaguchi

The Fashioning of Gender Expression: Mia Yaguchi-Chow Who is Mia? Mia Yaguchi-Chow (she/they) is a Toronto-based visual artist who connected with It Gets Better Canada to share her thoughts on identity and gender. As an artist and a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University School of Fashion, Mia understands the power

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sandcastle illustration

Gender Sandcastles: Conceptualizing Nonbinary and Trans Identities

Gender Sandcastles: Conceptualizing Nonbinary and Trans Identities When I first started questioning my gender identity, nothing seemed concrete. All I had was endless questions, and just when I thought I had grabbed onto an answer, it crumbled like sand and misted through my fingers. Everything was still granular when I

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Black and White Image of Pree and colourful shapes around them.

Trusting my queer heart to guide my path

Hi IGBC! I’m Pree, and I’m so excited to share my coming-out (coming in) process, and how I’m right where I wanted to be (but didn’t think would ever be possible). To give you some insight into my positionality, I’m a fat, brown, disabled, queer, pansexual, acesexual (demisexual), working class artist-educator. And I’m

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Collage image of David Ly

David Ly

Dissecting moments of truth through poetry. David Ly (he/him) is an amazing poet and writer. He has recently released his first book of poetry, Mythical Man. It Gets Better Canada was able to speak with David about his poetry, writing poems that are raw and his experiences with publishing. Congratulations

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