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While youth across the nation tackle mental health challenges, the pandemic has exacerbated the continued elevated struggles 2SLGBTQ+ youth face. Through the power of youth led storytelling, It Gets Better Canada invites you to engage with our content below in support of unpacking the impact of the pandemic, while empowering you with the resources and tools needed to live authentically.

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COVID-19 Mental Health Digital Hub
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High School Educators

Invite It Gets Better Canada to support your 2SLGBTQ+ students through our affirming workshops.

Explainer Videos

Watch our explainer on what chosen family is and how we can begin to build one.
Watch why self-care matters so much for 2SLGTQ+ youth and how to start on your well-being journey.
This toolkit explores what it means to have your gender invalidated and how you can support yourself in the face of invalidation.

Write Ups

An exploration of how the pandemic led to a time of self-reflection and acceptance towards Maisyn’s Two-Spirit identity.

“When the initial lockdowns happened, I spent more and more time by myself - this meant I was able to try different clothing styles opposed to my usual hoodie and baggy jean combo.”

Maisyn Justason

Cosplayer Danny shares how the pandemic created the perfect pause for them to reflect and embrace their non-binary identity.
Advocating inclusive healthcare in Rural communities About – Healthcare can be challenging for 2SLGBTQ+ folks, especially within rural communities. Let’s explore what inclusivity in 2SLGBGTQ+
Roots in the Ground: The love and beauty of Grassroots Trans Resistance Queer Trans youth have been fighting for centuries to gain visibility and protections


This toolkit will guide youth with the fundamental of good storytelling and how to drive advocacy on your platforms through your own storytelling.

Request a workshop for your school

Announcing our exciting workshops designed to provide 2SLGBTQ+ high school students with the tools, knowledge, and connections to navigate their unique paths with confidence and pride.

This toolkit explores what it means to have your gender invalidated and how you can support yourself in the face of invalidation.
This toolkit will provide youth with validation, information, and tools for healing through experiences of gender-based violence within their homes or areas of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic
A guide to connecting with communities online in a safe and beneficial manner to best support you.
A starting guide to beginning the hobby of journaling and supporting the journey of loving yourself.


About Our Stories, Our Pride

Join Alberta based advocate and podcaster, Kelsey Delamarter (she/her), as she chats alongside three unique perspectives on their experiences with uplifting youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. This three episode limited series explores the roles of queer youth, caring adults and an empowering community.

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