Health & Wellness Tips from AK MacKellar

AK MacKellar
AK MacKellar

Who is AK MacKellar?

AK MacKellar (they/them) is a body-inclusive fitness coach, wellness speaker and the founder of Free To Move, the body inclusive movement platform for the LGBTQ+ community. As a queer, non-binary and chronically ill person, they’ve felt like an outsider in most fitness spaces. AK aims to build a new type of fitness industry, one that is welcoming to beginners and marginalized people, that focuses on helping people feel good in their body, strong in their daily life and take care of their mental and physical health.

Four Reasons to Move Your Body for QTNB (That Aren’t Weight Loss)

AK MacKellar is here to help us move our bodies! Movement can greatly help queer folx connect with their bodies and build confidence.

Three Easy Ways To Move Your Body and Boost Your Dopamine

Feeling dopamine deprived? AK MacKellar is showing us three easy ways to move our bodies and boost those happy chemicals in the brain!

Affirmations for Hard Dysphoria Days

If you’re feeling disconnected from your body and dealing with dysphoria, AK MacKellar has some comforting affirmations you should hear!

Queer Identity and Hair

How does your hair connect to your identity? Hair styles can be a very affirming tool to present gender identity or sexuality to the world, but can also have a very nuanced experience. AK MacKellar talks more about their relationship to their hair, and how it has shaped their experience as a queer person.

Three Easy Stretches After Wearing a Binder

If you wear a binder, you need to know these three easy stretches from AK MacKellar! Give your body some love and stretch out those muscles!



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