Trans Creators you should be following !

Transgender Awareness Week is a time to uplift, empower, and highlight trans voices. Now more than ever trans youth need our support. Trans voices need to be at the forefront of these discussions and calls to action. Check out this list of trans creators you should be following and help amplify their necessary voices!

Luna Oberlin

Luna Oberlin is a 21-year-old transwoman that shares her experiences and vlogs her daily life as a transwoman. From makeup tutorials to fashion inspiration Luna lends her voice and energy to give a glimpse of what life is like for a young black transwoman in Canada.


Jazmine is a 23-year-old transwoman vlogging her life as a transwoman and as a trans model. Whether she is sharing her latest outfit of the day or a vlog from her diving into the ballroom scene in Toronto you can expect to be taken on a journey into her everyday life!

Lauren Sundstrom


Happy National Coming Out Day my queer loves ♥️

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Lauren Sundstrom is a transwoman living in Vancouver that documents everything from getting ready for a date to storytime videos. She also uses her platform to advocate for gender identity, inclusion and sustainable living through ethical fashion. So if you’re looking to learn how to be more inclusive while also gaining some fashion inspiration, Lauren’s page is one to look out for. 


Jonas is a trans creator sharing fun and inspiring transgender content. Having been on testosterone for a few years now Jonas gives an insightful look at what trans joy looks like! By simply showing his authentic self he serves as an inspiration of what trans youth have to look forward to when they are given access to gender-affirming care.


@quinoahpowersalad2.0 Being trans may come with its own set of challenges, but it can absolutely be a beautiful life worth living. #trans #transgender #ftm #lgbtq #pride #pridemonth #vancouver #vancouverpride #genderfluid ♬ Tenderness - Tony Anderson & Christopher Dennis Coleman

Noah is a trans creator based in BC documenting his transition and life. Having started his transition in 2018, Noah has been documenting the changes he’s been through to become his authentic self. Documenting their trans joy by using HRT and top surgery, Noah gives a beautiful glimpse into what happens when people can live as their authentic selves.

We hope you take time today to uplift, support, and listen to 2SLGBTQ+ voices and give these incredible creators the engagement they deserve.

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