6 Ways To Support It Gets Better Canada When You Can’t Donate

So many people offer us incredible support every day, asking how they can help empower 2SLGBTQ+ youth and advance our cause.

We’re deeply humbled by the charitable spirit and the show of solidarity from our allies and the queer community. Your voice and action help drive important change at home, on social media, and out in the world.

While donations are a key factor to driving our mission, supporting our cause can go beyond financial contributions and thankfully, there are many more ways to get involved and give back.

Here are six ways to support It Gets Better Canada and make a difference for 2SLGBTQ+ youth today.

1.  Engage with our social media content

Every time you like, share, repost, or comment on our social media content, it boosts our visibility and raises awareness on the many issues and topics that matter to our youth.

Expanding our audience reach also means we get to connect with even more people who want to contribute—in all sorts of fantastic and creative ways.

Follow our social channels by clicking on the icons below!

Image of a person holding a sign that says, "Supporting Canada's 2SLGBTQ+ Youth. It Gets Better Canada"
2. Use our website as an empowering resource

Visiting our website means you get first-hand access to all digital content in one place—including our resources, youth-led written thought pieces, and our original video content series, which feature local queer artists, creators, and other community members who share their empowering stories.

Knowledge is power and is meant to be shared. That’s why you’ll also find everything you need to help spread our message—from our mission statement and how we got started, to our annual reports and how to get involved in what we’re up to next.

3. Transform your birthday into a donation drive

Many online platforms such as Facebook offer an option to create small-scale fundraising campaigns by engaging your friends, family, or local community to donate what they can.

It’s part of a growing trend among those who are socially conscious and want to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in a way that speaks to them. Social media donation campaigns are redefining gift-giving as an opportunity to benefit social good.

Celebrate your birthday, or mark a milestone in a loved one’s life (with their consent), by engaging those around you to donate to your campaign. Donating to It Gets Better Canada as a group is a powerful way to drive our cause and build community.

Be sure to search for us under our legal name (IGB-CSA Canada) when creating your Facebook fundraising campaign.

4.  Recognizing our charity on your TikTok

Content creators on TikTok can invite their followers to donate to It Gets Better Canada by using our donation sticker. Just add the sticker to your videos and LIVE streams—one tap will bring your followers to a secure pop-up window where they can easily donate without ever leaving the app.

Make sure to also select us as your charity of choice in your bio.

Learn how to do both by watching the video below:

5. Sign up for our newsletter

Be the first to know! Registering for our newsletter provides you first access to our exciting 2SLGBTQ+ youth-led content.

Get updates and stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter today.

6. Volunteer or become a community contributor

Donating your time by offering your professional or personal skills to our cause, or sharing your story and personal insights, are all invaluable ways to participate and leave your mark.

Volunteer at Pride Toronto, or share your story or words of encouragement by becoming a community collaborator.

Our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support and contributions. Together, we’re leading the way to a more compassionate and inclusive tomorrow for 2SLGBTQ+ youth across Canada.
Illustration of group moving forward
Artwork created for It Gets Better Canada by Gwen Hovey

It Gets Better Canada is committed to connecting Canada’s 2SLGBTQ+ youth to a better future

Help us uplift, empower, and connect today’s youth across Canada today!

Your donation is eligible for a charitable tax receipt

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