Meet the teens of Canada’s Drag Race prom makeover challenge

Check out highlights from our talk on queer mental health in celebration of Bell Let’s Talk, featuring inspiring words from Icesis Couture and our teen panelists: Clover, Friday, Ethan and Makayla! Watch video here

Clover (They/Them) is an East-Asian queer nonbinary creative studying at the University of Toronto. They are an advocate for equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in all of the communities they are a part of. As well, Clover is an artist exploring self-expression through digital art, dance, guitar, and poetry. If you catch them skating around the city and want to chat about art, equity, or anything else, please feel free to say hi!

Clover’s (aka Apollo) drag mother on Canada’s Drag Race is Pythia

Ethan Berkeley-Garcia (He/Him) is a pansexual actor, singer/songwriter and model from Brampton, Ontario. He currently has released two songs which are on all major streaming platforms and hopes to release a debut album in the near future. You may have seen Ethan on television as a “sidekick news anchor” for CBC’s Recap, onstage in a plethora of musicals including but not limited to Newsies, Hairspray and The Little Mermaid or in various magazines. Besides his creative pursuits, Ethan is a huge advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ rights and continues to use his art and platform to foster equality for all.

Ethan’s (aka Electric Metric) drag mother on Canada’s Drag Race is Gia Metric

Friday (They/Them) is a brown queer non binary person who grew up in Markham, Ontario. Raised as an Ismaili Muslim, they believe strongly in climate and 2SLGBTQ+ activism and work to educate people on how to be an ally. In their catholic high school, they have worked to create a safe space in their GSA and gardening club. They believe that the power in educating people in how to be an ally can help others to unlearn biases. Friday is pursing Environmental Science in the University of Waterloo, hoping to represent more queer people in STEM.

Friday’s (aka Bella Donna) drag mother on Canada’s Drag Race is Adriana

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Makayla Walker (She/Her) is a black transgender woman who thrives in the arts and constantly advocates for the black community. She began her love for advocacy and the arts in the Jane and Finch community where she was raised. It was there that Makayla learned about the importance of using your voice and the power of the performing arts. She then attended theatre school and began her journey in drag. She is now a Toronto drag staple and constant support for queer and trans youth looking for belonging.

Makayla’s (aka Ruby Couture) drag mother on Canada’s Drag Race is Icesis Couture



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