To set the stage for our learning and discussion around anti-2SLGBTQ+ bullying and resilience building, we are going to hear a personal story from a queer youth, Ethan.

Ethan shares his story so we can understand how anti-2SLGBTQ+ bullying might happen, the effect it can have, and to share the lessons he learned.

  1. Bullying stems from insecurity and jealousy.
    Some people may feel threatened or insecure about themselves or their social position. Bullying behavior often reflects the bully’s own struggles and insecurities, rather than anything about the person being bullied.
  2. Ultimately, you are in control.
    Bullies despise when they can’t get under your skin.The moment I stopped entertaining the comments or actions of others, it became a lot less fun for them. They no longer receive the attention they craved.
  3. Happiness and success is the best weapon.
    Focusing on how you view yourself and prioritizing the people and the things that make you happiest can help to diminish the impact of negative comments, words and or actions.