We cannot handle every situation by ourselves. It’s important to rely on each other and show up for the people around us. I’m talking of course about allyship.

Allyship is actively supporting and uplifting people from marginalized communities through ideas and actions.

Allyship involves recognizing one’s privilege and using it to uplift and empower others, rather than perpetuating or benefitting from systems of oppression. Allyship fosters solidarity, support, and advocacy for marginalized communities. Here are some of the reasons allies are so important:

  • Allies provide platforms and opportunities for marginalized individuals to be heard and validated, amplifying their voices and experiences in spaces where they may otherwise be silenced or ignored.
  • Allyship takes the pressure off of marginalized folks to constantly speak up and educate.
  • Acts of allyship show that prejudice or intolerance are unwelcome, helping to build communities and environments that are inclusive and supportive.
  • Allies work within their own communities and institutions to advocate for inclusive policies, practices, and cultural norms, driving systemic change from the inside out.
  • Allies build bridges across different communities and identities, fostering solidarity and mutual support in the fight for social justice and equality.

If you are wondering what allyship might look like, take some inspiration from the experience of others:

Additionally, with so much bullying moving to online spaces we also want to provide some ideas for practicing allyship in digital spaces:

  •   Do not support accounts and or public figures that are openly queerphobic 
  •     Report accounts that spread misinformation and hate speech 
  •     Support queer figures, friends, family etc online 
  •     Share informative posts on your story