It’s Back-To-School Season!

We get that it can be an overwhelming time, so why not start the year with items that excite you and hopefully inspire others? If you aren’t sure where to start here is a quick list of some back-to-school essentials: queer editionWe hope this shopping list helps inspire you to find all the items you need this upcoming school year to help affirm and encourage your 2SLGBTQ+ self!

Your Back To School Shopping Guide

Have fun with your fashion

Including some gender-affirming fashion pieces is a great way to incorporate your own style that can reflect how you feel inside. Whether you want to go to the thrift store to find a new skirt or learn how to safely and correctly wear a binder, it’s important to take moments to fuel your queer soul. Interested in learning more about ways to express yourself through fashion? Read our Gender Affirming Fashion Guide!

Find your inner makeup artist

Makeup is a great way to start experimenting with how you present yourself. A little eyeliner, lipgloss, or blush can transform your appearance so you feel more like yourself. Watch Skye’s makeup tutorial to help you get started on your makeup journey!

Wear your pride

Okay, you don’t have to buy all the rainbow notebooks and binders, but having a little pride-themed item can be your little way of showing you’re proud to be you. Maybe it’s a sticker with pansexual pride colours or a trans rights pin, Don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself. Showing your pride and being your authentic self can help inspire other queer people that they can be proud of who they are too!

Grab self-care pieces

It’s essential to have a little activity you can revisit throughout the year to allow you to create dedicated time for self-care. Maybe you want to make facemasks, buy a journaling notebook, or draw with art supplies. Whatever you choose make sure to find something to give you an outlet to be yourself with yourself. Access our COVID-19 mental health toolkits to help you prioritize your own self-care!

Be proud of your pronouns

Wear your pronouns with pride! Decorate yourself or your school supplies with pronoun pins and stickers to show off your authentic self and your pride!

Curate your soundtrack

Don’t forget some much needed headphones to fuel your queer soul with the sounds of some of your favourite queer musicians.

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