Back to School Tips For Parents, Guardians, and Caring Adults


Being an allied adult can sometimes mean you are unsure of where and how you can be supportive. In this guide, we dive into ways you can empower, support, and create a safe space for the queer youth in your life. 

Check-in and see what support you can offer

Many 2SLGBTQ+ students may feel apprehensive about being their authentic selves if their school is not very welcoming. By checking in and asking what you can do to support, you can ease some of the mental or emotional load they may be carrying. Maybe they want you to speak to their teacher about their pronouns, or they want to buy clothes that help them feel more like themselves. Whatever the ask is, remember to lead with love and understanding.

Take time to educate yourself

It can be exhausting as a student , to have to justify their gender or sexual identity to ill informed teachers, staff, and fellow students. By taking time to educate yourself you can create a safer space for them at home where they can just be themselves. Creating safe spaces also means using inclusive language. Check out “why inclusive language matters”, to help you get started. 

Consider getting involved with the school

Sometimes inclusion and equity practices can be overlooked. By getting involved at the school you can use your voice as an ally to point out exclusionary practices and help 2SLGBTQ+ students who may not have the confidence to voice their concerns. If you want to go a step further ask your school to sign up for our fall workshops!

If they aren’t getting 2SLGBTQ+ representation at school, create it!

Representation matters. Having 2SLGBTQ+ representation can help youth feel more comfortable being themselves. Consider watching films, and tv with positive 2SLGBTQ+ representation or even buying books written by 2SLGBTQ+ authors.

Be encouraging

Encourage the 2SLGBTQ+ youth in your life to ask questions around their gender or sexual identity. You may not have the answers for them and they might not either, but you can both learn together. Being helpful, supportive, and encouraging can give them the confidence they need to be themselves and thrive. Creating safe spaces, also means using inclusive language. 

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